Don’t Forget to Floss!

     Don’t Forget to Floss! 

An easy way to show your kids how to floss is to demonstrate the proper technique. And what better way to do that than with a glove, paint, and yarn…who doesn’t like to paint?

  • Put the glove on your hand and coat it with chocolate frosting.
  • While holding your fingers tightly together, wipe the frosting off of your hand – this represents brushing your teeth.
  • Show your child all the frosting left between your fingers that brushing alone doesn’t reach.
  • Now they can practice flossing between your fingers with the yarn.

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Here are a few pictures from a demonstration at a local preschool. Even though, my glove ripped and we used yarn instead of string…they got the idea. Sugar bug poop is gross! We need to brush and floss!

Sugar Bug chatter II

Sugar Bug chatter

Handy Fact Sheet for Parents on Bacteria that Cause Cavities

Parent Fact Sheet on Caries Bacteria

The following is an excerpt from a website about oral health specifically designed for parents. 

Did you know that cavities are caused by germs that are passed from adult to child?

Babies are born without the bacteria that causes caries- the disease that leads to cavities. They get it from spit that is passed from their caregiver’s mouth to their own. Caregivers pass on these germs by sharing saliva- by sharing spoons, by testing foods before feeding it to babies, by cleaning off a pacifier in their mouth instead of with water, and through other activities where saliva is shared.

These germs can start the process that causes cavities even before babies have teeth, so it’s important to avoid sharing saliva with your baby right from the start. See below for more tips on how to keep your baby- and your baby’s teeth healthy and happy.

Click here to download a fact sheet on things you can do to prevent sharing caries bacteria with your child.